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Healing helps

By W. Ireland , “When I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer I went into a state of shock. In my first initial period of panic I called on Diana who offered healing sessions via Skype. I was extremely grateful for Diana’s calm, compassionate and reassuring

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dysfunctional patterns

By I’ve just completed the intensive 3 day workshop, ThetaHealing Basic DNA.  As well as taking in a great deal of knowledge about the healing techniques, I had the joy of working with others, as practitioner, observer and subject of healing. I shed my

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By Brigitte and “If your longing is true freedom from limiting beliefs and habitual storylines…Шкаф для телевизора своими руками if you intuit liberation and peace in your relationships beyond the daily anchors of expectation and pretense… allow yourself to explore the deeply transformative practices of


By Alison (naturopath)Mountains Photo I strongly advocate for theta healing. From my personal experience with Diana this system revealed beliefs that did not belong to me, which then gave room for my innate and learned wisdom to take front and be my course of action. Diana


By Susan H.Вехи mere words cannot express how grateful I am to you for your love, compassion, patience and understanding in presenting the Theta Healing to me. For the first time in my life I feel love, speak up, in love, when I am disrespected. I


By Christina Huonveroxybd.commensclub24 This year, I’ve had some sessions in Theta Healing, which is a remarkable therapy; I’ve been going to see Diana Saunders, who is a qualified practitioner and consultant. She is a lovely woman, with whom I feel completely safe, respected and understood. I